Panorama Van den Ende - duinzijde / along the dunes
Leo van den Ende - een schildersloopbaan / an artist's career

A superior quality, high profile, hard cover, coffee table style book, presented in a 12 x 11 inches landscape format
- Bilingual (English / Dutch)
- A colour overview of 45 inches showing my Panorama
- 91 high - quality colour photographs
- 11 black and white photographs


The book is priced € 35,-, excluding packaging and postage.
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Contents of the book

In addition, the reader will take a peek into the world as perceived by me. Save for the art historical contemplations I have ventured the task of writing the texts for this publication myself, as I felt it would help gain a better understanding of the body of work to have an impression of the person behind it. In doing so, I have departed from the traditional formula according to which most art books are compiled.

 DVD of the Panorama

Duration: approximately 22 minutes
DVD A - Language: Dutch
DVD B - Language: German, English, French



The DVD is priced € 10,00. This is excluding packaging and postage as they depend on the destination.

For details, please see the order form



For packaging and postage, an extra charge will be added to the price, depending on the destination.

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